Challenge of a lifetime

Audiio built itself a reputation as the music licensing company for brands like Netflix, Nike, and Toyota. Then they made a big shift to serve independent filmmakers and creators. When we started talking about this project, they were launching boldly—offering a lifetime membership to early adopters. It’s a tricky proposition: you are asking people to trust that you’ll be around. But it's also a great way to build a loyal base of ambassadors.

A love letter to the creative process

The challenge for Audiio was that they were entering a competitive space. There are plenty of music licensing platforms, and many of their competitors offer bigger selections at cheaper prices.

Audiio's catalogue was small in comparison but extremely curated. We were impressed by the quality of their artists, which we learned was from many relationships fostered through years in the music industry.

We wanted to use music to tell a story that could resonate with creators worldwide. A story about all the moments—anger, joy, decay, rebirth, bewilderment, epiphany—that makes up the struggle we call the creative process.

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01. What's the core value?

During our discovery, one thing that stood out was Audiio's value of quality over quantity. This is what allowed them to grow their impressively talented roster of artists. Competitors could offer bigger libraries: Audiio's competitive advantage is taste, and that's what we needed to communicate.

Together, we decided to focus our treatment around the role music plays in the creative process. Unlike in the movies, making films can be messy. Your mind wanders. You stare at a blank screen. Everything sucks. Life throws sh*t at you. The only way out is pushing through this, and music is the light in the darkness.

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02. How can we visualize it?

We all know music is inspiring, but how can you represent that visually? Also, as cool as the video editing process is, it’s mostly sitting at a desk pressing buttons (but it's super difficult we swear).

We wanted to show everything that goes into the pressing of that button. The messy world outside and the space inside the editor's mind. The editor pieces together fragments. Time is fluid, it can expand or contract with the beat.

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03. How do we present it to our audience?

The goal was to use music to tell a story of persistence and resilience. One of Audiio's artists—Animal Assassin—worked with us to create a sound representation of this journey. A fast-paced, adrenaline-filled beautiful mess. Just like the creative process.

We made a short version for paid media and press releases.

👉🏼 Meet Audiio, the Music Licensing Company Raising the Bar for Creators

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