A deep brand history with a vibrant community

Most people know Spinning as an activity, but it's actually a company. Founded in 1991 by two cyclists, they introduced indoor cycling to the world for the first time. 29 years later, Spinning has a worldwide community of enthusiasts—but also a lot more competitors. As the brand transitioned online, they needed quality content to stay relevant.


Indoor cycling has become very popular in recent years, causing a surge of new market players. Despite inventing this category, Spinning was struggling to keep up with an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Over the years, we’ve created marketing assets to drive sales of their flagship product—indoor bikes so they maintain their competitive status. We emphasize the community, lifestyle, and feeling of riding, instead of over-relying on the technical aspect. 👇🏼


Spinning is a community first. It brings together people from all types of different backgrounds and continents looking to share a fun group workout experience.