The challenge of a lifetime

Meet Audiio, a music licensing powerhouse that made a name for itself by working with brands like Netflix, Nike, and Toyota. They built a solid reputation by providing top-notch music for big names, but they didn't want to stop there. Audiio's vision expanded to include independent filmmakers and creators, offering them the same quality of music for a competitive price.

They chose to launch boldly, with an innovative lifetime membership for early adopters. It's a delicate proposition: charging a premium price while simultaneously needing to instill a higher level of trust in your longevity. However, it opens up an incredible opportunity to foster a devoted community of ambassadors who believe in your brand.

Our mission was to craft a captivating launch video that would capture Audiio's uniqueness and connect with their target audience.

The challenge

The main challenge for Audiio was that they were entering a very competitive space. They were facing several competitors, many of which offer larger selections at lower prices.

Audiio's catalogue was small compared to some of them, but extremely curated. We were impressed by the quality of their artists, which we learned the result of  relationships fostered through years in the music industry.

We decided to use music and visuals to tell a story that could resonate with creators worldwide, showcasing the transformation that Audiio's product could bring to their experience.

The Process

We kicked off the project with a strategy session, followed by crafting a treatment and a detailed production schedule. Casting talented actors and scouting the perfect locations were next on our to-do list.

As production began, we faced an unexpected hurdle: the COVID lockdown in LA. We had to quickly adapt and find creative ways to work remotely with Audiio's team, who couldn't be on set.

01. Capture uniqueness

During our discovery, one thing that stood out was Audiio's focus on quality over quantity. Competitors could offer bigger libraries, and that's fine. Audiio's competitive advantage lies in taste. That's what we needed to showcase. Together, we decided to focus the creative on the importance of quality music in the creative process.

02. Show the transformation

How do you communicate something intangible like the importance of music? And how do you show the work of a video editor, which mostly consists of sitting at a desk and pressing button?

We had to find creative ways to show the transformation that the product brought to their customer. One of the ideas was to employ abstract projection mapping visuals to represent the unfolding of the creative process.

By using anamorphic lenses and a documentary style, we captured a genuine visual aesthetic that conveyed a sense of authenticity to the audience.

03. Put the story together

Once production wrapped, we started post-production. We went through all the footage and chose only the best takes in order to create a compelling 30-second spot. The final edit was polished through color correction and music mixing, where we worked with one of Audiio's top artists.

The Outcome 👇🏼

The Impact

The launch video we created for Audiio made waves in the filmmaking community. It was featured on the popular publication No Film School and generated numerous sales through paid advertising.

With almost 800k views on YouTube, the video helped Audiio establish itself as a go-to source for music licensing among independent filmmakers and creators.

The success of this project not only demonstrated the power of storytelling through video but also reinforced our commitment to creating impactful content that drives results for our clients.

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