Beauty. Function. Tradition.

Meet Peak Pilates, a true powerhouse in the Pilates industry, offering top-of-the-line equipment and exceptional education programs. Their target audience is a diverse group of individuals, ranging from fitness enthusiasts to professional instructors, all connected through their passion for Pilates.

In this fast-paced world where digital presence is vital, Peak Pilates found itself in need of high-quality, engaging content that could captivate their audience and strengthen their online identity.

The challenge

Peak Pilates was on a mission to create captivating brand assets for their website and digital education programs tailored for their growing instructor base. The challenge was to convey the elegance, strength, and mind-body connection that Pilates embodies, especially when showcasing their main product, the Reformer, a stationary piece of equipment.

They needed a dynamic and creative approach to breathe life into their content, which is where we came in to help.

The Process

Throughout the years, we tackled a multitude of projects with specific purposes. These projects spanned across six primary types: sizzle reels, digital education, and social media content.

For each of them, we would begin with crafting a script or storyboard, followed by establishing a production schedule. We would then move on to casting actors, scouting locations if necessary, and finally kicking off the production phase. Once filming was completed, we worked on editing, color correction, and sound mixing to ensure a polished final product.

Recently, we helped them launch their first line of home reformers 👇🏼

The Impact

As a result of our collaboration, Peak Pilates firmly established itself as a leader in its category. The digital education programs we produced have been a resounding success, generating an impressive average of $500k per year since their launch.

By providing captivating content that resonated with their audience, Peak Pilates was able to elevate its brand and solidify its position as an industry leader.

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