A deep brand history with a vibrant community

Spinning, the company that introduced the world to indoor cycling in 1991, has grown over the years into a global community of enthusiasts. Founded by two passionate cyclists, the brand boasts a rich history and a loyal following.

However, with nearly three decades of experience, Spinning faced a new challenge: an increasingly competitive market and the need to transition online to capture the attention of younger audiences. As the brand moved into the digital space, the mission became clear—create quality content to stay relevant and competitive.

In order to maintain their market position, Spinning needed to focus on promoting their flagship product, indoor bikes, while emphasizing the community, lifestyle, and feeling of riding.

The challenge

The rise of new startups like Peloton had shaken up the indoor cycling market, and Spinning found themselves struggling to maintain their digital presence. As the inventors of the indoor cycling category, they were faced with the challenge of capturing the interest of younger audiences who knew Spinning as an activity but not as a brand. That's where we came in to provide the solution they needed.

The Process

Over the years, we collaborated on a diverse range of projects, each with its distinct objective. These projects spanned across six primary types: product sizzle reels, on-demand content, digital education, website and social media content, as well as live event promos.

For each of them, we would begin with crafting a script or storyboard, followed by establishing a production schedule. We would then move on to casting actors, scouting locations if necessary, and finally kicking off the production phase. Once filming was completed, we worked on editing, color correction, and sound mixing to ensure a polished final product.

Lastly, we helped launch their first line of home bikes 👇🏼

The Impact

Our efforts had a significant impact on Spinning's bottom line. Since its launch, Spinning Digital, the on-demand subscription platform we helped build, has generated over $1 million in revenue.

Moreover, the digital education programs we produced have brought in an average of $500k per year since their inception.

Our collaboration with Spinning not only helped them stay relevant in a competitive market, but also contributed to their ongoing success as a pioneer in the indoor cycling industry.

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